Black truffles

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Casa Beal produces its own variety of black truffle

Casa Beal continues broadening its activity by going for top quality native products, and this is why the production of black truffles has been started in 2008, as the land of the family property has always produced them naturally.


The Casa Beal land, a loose, sandy type, provides ideal conditions for the black truffle, one of those most appreciated in the whole of Europe. Studies carried out find that the land, not compact, offers a perfect texture for the proliferation of truffles. Also other parameters, such as the altitude of the property at 1,100 metres, the annual rainfall, the orientation, structure and degree of acidity, all favour the production of high quality and very aromatic black truffles by Casa Beal.

We are broadening our activity by going for native products of top quality

Joan Visa - Owner

The project was started in 2008. Casa Beal did a lot of work on the land to prepare the ground and leave it in the best conditions. Then, in the nurseries, they inoculated their own holm oak seedlings with the Casa Beal black truffle, and this year the two seedlings have been planted around the property. Following the process of preparation and planting, in which no herbicide or pesticide of any kind has been used, and the environmental cycle has been respected. According to initial calculations, Casa Beal could be able to produce up to 900 kilos of truffles, taking into account that around 300 seedlings have been planted and that each one could produce up to 3 kilos.

The success of this initiative is assured, both by the conditions of the land and by the native origin of the truffle, given that each area only produces the variety which has become acclimatized there. It is to be expected, due to the characteristics of the Casa Beal property, that the truffles to be produced will be extremely aromatic, as aromatic intensity increases with altitude.